The cooperative trades annually 3,000 tons of kiwi Hayward variety, 100 tons of kiwifruit variety Soreli ,while the new land which has already been planted and expected to enter production in the coming years, will increase its capacity by 1000 tonous.

The largest part  of the cooperative's products are exported to the following countries: Russia, Poland, Romania, Czech Republic, Albania, Bulgaria, Holland, England, Germany, France, Ukraine, Canada, Italy, Spain, Cyprus, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon and India, and there is  constant effort to expand further its network, helping to make Arta kiwi known all over the world,as a product of supreme quality.Our customers show great interest in our product and our insistence in quality and service ,ensures trust and long lasting relationships.
In the meantime, we are in process of certification of organic products, in order  to offer our customers alongside conventional and organic kiwi ,covering a wide range of market needs.
Our Cooperative for three years is certified with AGRO 2.1 and 2.2. and with ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and HACCP, ensuring the safety and quality at all stages of the cultivation, production, maintenance up to packaging and delivery to our customer.





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