The cooperative pays particular attention to the cultivation of kiwi, ensuring the production of  supreme quality kiwis as well as the safety of the consumer  and the protection of the enviroment. Fertilizers and plant protection is as limited as possible, always according to the needs of the culture and with a view to sustainable development.The continuous training of our farmers, monitoring of crops at all stages of  cultivation by specialized staff and the sense of responsibility towards the consumer and the environment ,conducive to produce the superme quality Arta kiwi, giving us a competitive advantage .The organic kiwi is a fact for A.S.E.A since we are already in the second year of certification for organic products,and we can provide our customers alongside with conventional and organic kiwi respecting the demand and market needs .

Centered on the same philosophy and years of experience, some of our members started to grow apricots as well  giving new horizons in our Cooperation.



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